Safe Sex Tips for Casual Dating

Casual dating can be fun and exciting, but it's important to be safe. There are certain health risks that go along with casual dating, most of which are completely preventable as long as you follow some common sense rules and tips for casual encounters. The following are 6 important safe sex tips you'll need to keep in mind when casual dating.

Know How Sexually Transmitted Diseases Get Transmitted

You will be at a higher risk for STDs if you don't know how they get transmitted from person to person. Contrary to popular belief, you can get an STD even if you are not having penetrative sex, since many STDs can be transmitted through genital fluids and oral contact which many people mistakenly believe to be "safe."

Use Barrier Protection at Minimum

Barrier protection is essential to preventing many different STDs. Barrier protection is any sexual protection designed to put a barrier between you and another person's genitals, fluids, and so on. The most common form of barrier protection is a condom, and there are other forms of barrier protection you or your partner can use such as diaphragms and cervical caps.

Always Bring Your Own Birth Control and STD Protection

You should never rely on the other person to bring birth control and/or STD protection--always bring it yourself to ensure that you won't find yourself having to run off to the store to pick something up in the middle of your casual date.

Be Open and Honest

The best way to have a safe casual encounter is to be open about your expectations and wants for the encounter, and encourage your partners to be open as well. The two of you should be on the same page in regards to what will happen in the counter, so that you can be prepared to bring the right kind of protection and birth control, and so that both of you are mentally and physically prepared.

Get Tested Regularly

After wearing protection at all times, getting tested regularly is the second most important part of having safe sex while you engage in casual dating. You should get yourself tested at regular intervals so that your clean bill of health is up to date; and you should also insist on sticking with partners who also get tested regularly and are willing to share information about their results. Just remember to be tactful--demanding that someone tell you that they're clean is not going to earn you any friends. Simply bring up your test results casually and ask your potential casual dating partner about their own test results.

Don't Get Drunk

While a little buzz is okay, just make sure you are staying within the legal limit if you're driving--it's best not to get drunk before any casual encounters. You will want to stay sober and alert so that you can stay responsible during your casual date.

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